Cemcon Mineral Technologies

Supplies and services for your successful business!

Cemcon was established in 1992 with a view to provide services & supplies for mineral industries.

Since then, Cemcon:

In 2000 we have expanded our supplies and services to Medical Consumable Products.

Since then, Cemcon:

IMI Medical Complex-Port Harcourt/Nigeria

Cemcon offers

For mineral industry and medical consumables production:

Consulting Services

Contracting Services

Cemcon serves customers in Nigeria, Cameroon and Saudi Arabia. With its subsidiaries, Cemcon can offer services and supplies door to door in local currency in Nigeria and Cameroon.


Cemcon Logo

Cemcon Mineraltechnische Anlagen

Anton Novotny, CEO

Mail: office@cemcon-vienna.com
Tel: +43/1/4947188-15
Mobile: +43/6645336524
Fax: +43/1/4947188-14
Herbststrasse 49/1
1160 Vienna, Austria
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Cemcon Meditech Logo

Cemcon Meditech

Paul Godwin Anwuzia, Logistics Officer

Mail: goddyanwuzia@yahoo.com
Mail: cemcon-meditech@gmx.net
No. 36 Abeokuta Expressway
Cementbus Stop

Agege, Lagos
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Cemcon Cameroon Logo

Cemcon Cameroon Enterprise

Chetou Cherifa POUAKONE, Chef de filiale

Mail: cemcon.camer2018@yahoo.com
Tel: +237/650616316
Limbe – Half Mile
SW Province, Cameroon
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